Birmingham Botanical Gardens is active in conservation both globally and locally. As an educational charity our focus is particularly on bringing conservation issues to the attention of our paying visitors and through our link with the Birmingham Education Authority our visiting school groups. The urgent need for conservation of biodiversity and sustainability are our key messages.


IYB-LogoThis is the variation of life forms within a given geographical area. Maintaining biodiversity maintains the variety and richness of life. The year 2010 has been declared as the International Year of Biodiversity. (Click here for DEFRA’s web-page on biodveristy).

Sustainable living

This is the process by which biological systems can be exploited for all our needs and yet remain diverse and healthy for the future.

Think globally – act locally

This phrase is widely used to remind us all of the need to understand on a world scale our impact on the natural world and that action on a local scale is necessary as part of the global changes needed to make our lives sustainable. What follows is some of the work we do for global and local conservation.


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