Recent additions to the Library

Martin, Gary. People and Plants Handbook. 581.6

Hoyt, Erich. Conserving the Wild Relatives of Crops. 633.2

Woolman, John. Chrysanthemum Culture. 930 CHR

Osborn, E. G. The Cultivation of Irises. 930 IRI

British Iris Society. The Cultivation of Irises. 930 IRI

Cheney, Judith. Action Plan for Botanic Gardens in the European Union. 502.7

Davis, Kate. A CBD Manual for Botanic Gardens. 502.7

Botanic Gardens Conservation International. Plants for the Planet. 502.7

Wyse Jackson, Peter. International Agenda for Botanic Gardens in Conservation. 502.7

Heywood, Vernon Hilton. The Botanic Gardens Conservation Strategy. 502.7