In the 18th and early 19th centuries a huge number of plants were introduced to Britain from all over the world. These plants created such interest that botanical and horticultural gardens sprang up throughout the country to display these unique and wonderful species.

Birmingham Botanical and Horticultural Society was founded in 1829, aiming to present to its members the greatest possible range of plants, outside or under glass. J. C. Loudon, the most innovative and successful garden planner of his day, designed the site and the gardens opened in 1832. A zoological collection was added in the early 20th Century of which the bird collection remains.

Throughout its history the gardens have been self-financing and we rely on the generosity of visitors and patrons and our business enterprise to safeguard the plant collection, to maintain our buildings and to teach all our visitors about the importance of plants to us all.

The gardens are always changing to meet the challenges of our evolving society and many famous families and horticulturists have contributed to their development.


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The Gardens are also a part of the Birmingham Heritage Forum and host various events in conjunction with the organisation.

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