Outreach Gardening Club

New for 2017! As an Educational Charity, we are always looking for novel ways to engage young people with `being green`, so we are proud to announce the launch of our new outreach Gardening Club.

We are well aware of the benefits to all children of fresh air and exercise, the confidence that can be gained from developing new skills, and the improvements in concentration and behaviour that can be derived from learning outside the classroom. Furthermore, we believe it is of paramount importance to the future of organisations like ours, and our city in particular, that all children have these outdoor learning opportunities and that the benefits of gardens and green spaces be brought to a whole new audience.

The Club

The Club will be conducted by our Club Leader (fully DBS checked) and at your school, to save you the travel time and costs. There will be one session per month, between March and July 2017, at the date and time of your choosing (e.g. afterschool, during lesson time). Each session will be age-specific and will contain at least three all-inclusive activities, around themes such as; plants for food and wildlife. The Club will also make important links with other subject areas, such as; English, Maths, Science and Technology.

Furthermore, every child will receive a certificate of attendance to help maintain their interest longer-term and any participants of the Children’s University scheme will be awarded a credit for each session attended.

All tools, plants and other equipment will be brought to each session by us, as required. Appropriate Health and Safety will be taught as part of the initial session and will be monitored and taken seriously at all times (see Risk Assessment).

We are asking for a small fee of £3 per child, per session to cover our costs (mileage charges may also apply – see Terms and Conditions for details). In order to run, sessions have set minimum and maximum numbers, and set staff to child ratios (see Terms and Conditions for details). Spaces will be booked on a `first come, first served` basis, so if our new Gardening Club is of interest to you, or you would like more information, please contact us by e-mail: education@birminghambotanicalgardens.org.uk or telephone on 0121 450 5093.

Thank you for your interest in our exciting new Gardening Club!

Outreach Gardening Club – Terms & Conditions

Outreach Gardening Club – Risk Assessment