New Family Explorer Backpack

A new family explorer backpack is now available.

‘Amazing Plants’ joins the popular line up of family explorer backpacks including ‘Brilliant Birds’, ‘Tremendous Trees’ and ‘Bugs and Beasties’.

This new Backpack will encourage children to explore the different and exciting range of plants to be found growing in the Gardens’ four greenhouses. Children can experience the hot, steamy tropical rainforest all the way through to the harsh arid desert environment and discover how each plant grow differently along the way. This new backpack takes familes on a journey undercover, so no problem if the weather isn’t sunny outside!

All our backpacks contain an activity sheet, an answer sheet for parents/guardians, clipboard, colouring pencils and resources appropriate to the activity. Hiring a backpack is easy and costs just £2 to hire (plus £8 refundable deposit). Just ask at Reception when you arrive, which themes are currently available and choose the one you want. Each activity backpack can take up to 90 minutes to complete and aims to help families to get the most out of their visit.

Activities are suitable for all ages, however younger children will need adult help. The Gardens also has Family Trails on offer at just £1.50 each.