New photography courses

A new season of the ever-popular Photography courses are set to re-start in the New Year here at the Gardens. There will be courses to suit everyone from those wishing to get more from their compact camera, to those trying to get to grips with how to use their new DSLR camera that they received for Christmas!

From beginners up to further steps, there is a course to suit every level. Each course runs over 4 weeks and takes place within the delightful setting of the Botanical Gardens. With 15 acres of gardens and 4 greenhouses, the site is the ideal location to capture plenty of amazing shots!

Run over three terms, the courses consist of:

  • Introduction to Digital Photography for Compact Cameras which is a largely practical, beginner’s course that will teach you all the basics you’ll need to take quality photographs.
  • DSLR Photography for Beginners which is a concise, beginner’s introduction to your DSLR camera.
  • Further Steps in DSLR Photography which assumes you already have some knowledge of your DSLR’s controls and instead concentrates on developing your ‘eye’ as well as honing your technical skills.

Courses range from £50 to £55 and all enrolments can be done easily on-line.

Full course and enrolment details can be found here: