Julia Gash’s creative collaboration with Birmingham Botanical Gardens

We are delighted to be offering a range of stylish Birmingham Botanical Gardens gifts and souvenirs in our shop designed by the incredibly talented Julia Gash.

Julia’s hand-drawn illustration celebrates the unique cultural heritage and local landscape of Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The collaboration has created a collection of sustainable and stylish souvenirs that enables you to take home special memories of the Gardens.



Julia Gash is a British artist who is passionate about print, creating hand-drawn illustrations using brush and ink to celebrate the unique culture of cities from all around the world. 

Julia’s map-like illustrations connect people to places; whether they are a tourist or just want to show some appreciation for their hometown.

Over the last decade, Julia has created more than a thousand unique artworks to capture the cultural heritage and landscape of places around the world, which each offer a playful and honest interpretation of the world. 


When asked to draw the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Julia was delighted. “I absolutely love drawing wildlife so grab any chance to add a bird, dragonfly or bumble bee!”



The range includes a tote bag (£13.99), bookmark (£1.99), mug (£10.99) and tea towel (£11.99) which all feature the illustration – making a fantastic gift for a loved one – or for yourself!



As well as this fabulous range by Julia Gash, you can also find a range of greetings cards, gifts, indoor and outdoor plants, garden tools, stationery and more in our shop. Entrance to our shop is free.