AGS Lecture – Rhododendrons and Primulas: Ideal Bedfellows

Members of Birmingham Botanical Gardens are welcome to join Alpine Garden Society (AGS) in the Terrace Suite for a special lecture on rhododendrons and primulas. Guest speaker John Richards, will be joining us. He became Professor of Botany at the University of Newcastle in 2002.

John has enjoyed visiting gardens based on the ‘Himalayan Glen’ paradigm for many years, and enjoys growing what he considers the two most important groups of plants in such gardens, rhododendrons and primulas. He discusses how these plants combine in the wild, based in part on his experiences in China, and in the garden. Many of the most suitable and attractive members of both genera will be illustrated.

He is a world expert on primulas, having studied the species for over 20 years, and wrote the definitive book on the subject: Primulas, published in 1993 and revised in 2003.

He has a 2/3 acre garden near Hexham in which he grows particularly primulas, rhododendrons and other ericaceae, and meconopsis.