Alpine Garden Society Lecture

Alpine Garden Society Annual Lecture, Thursday 18 August

Plant Communities of the Patagonian Mountains

Patagonia is a windswept and remote region at the southern tip of South America, encompassing the southernmost provinces of Chile and Argentina between 37°S and 55°S. Patagonian landscapes are spectacular and diverse, with volcanoes, glaciers and rugged mountains. The dramatic peaks of the Andes divide the region along its north-south axis, with temperate rainforest to the west and dry desert steppe to the east.

In this presentation, the focus will be on the flora of the mountains, illustrating a range of mountain habitats and following changes in floral communities along the Patagonian Andes. The plant communities feature both familiar and unfamiliar plants, beautiful, spectacular, and in some cases, bizarre.

This is a rare chance to hear one of the UKs leading experts on the area. The speaker, Martin Sheader and his wife Ana-Liisa, have made many journeys in the region and are also superb photographers, so this will be a floral feast!

Ranunculus semiverticillatus at Cerro Colorado Pliegue Tumbado and Cerro Fitz Roy Viola x blaxlandiae at Volcan Copahue