Butterflies and Genetics

How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly? How can a creatures’ DNA sequence code for two different body plans at the same time? And how does all of this information, coded by billions of letters of DNA, fit inside a single cell?

Come and explore our fabulous Butterfly House, where you will experience butterflies flying, feeding and hatching. They may even land on you to say “hello”. The Botanical Gardens has the only butterfly house in Birmingham, and it is open everyday until September 1st.

Then, join students from the University of Warwick in our outdoor marquees (on Paxton Prospect) to further explore the fascinating subject of butterfly metamorphosis and genetics.

Construct a DNA double-helix model or make a codon bracelet of your name. Have a go at matching larval animals with their adult forms. And complete a quiz to see how good your knowledge of genetics really is.


There is no additional charge for this event, and it is suitable for all ages.