Jurassic Charcoal Arts

Jurassic Charcoal ArtsJurassic Charcoal ArtsJurassic Encounter admission fees apply for entry (members free) but everyone has to pay £3.50 per Child for the Art recommended for 4 years and up.

We are offering a fantastic opportunity for Children with our very talented volunteer Diane Gallivan to learn Charcoal Arts, a demonstration will be shown at the start of each session of how to apply the charcoal to the paper. Children are encouraged to learn and explore the Jurassic Animals in their setting using charcoal to express their environment and habitat. There are different dinosaurs’ templates to choose from.

In each session, each child will be given a piece of drawing paper, pencil and a charcoal stick using the samples of dinosaur templates to trace first on paper, then apply charcoal on it. Only 7 children per session will be allowed on the Band Stand for learning arts. Bearing in mind the rules of social distancing, so all children will be sitting separately from each other. The session will last for 40 minutes including hand cleaning afterwards. The charcoal arts can be messy but exciting for the children especially for those who have not used charcoal as a medium before and what to learn about charcoal usage.

All children learn at different stages and are welcome to try out this opportunity of using charcoal. The age group can be from 4 years old onwards if able to hold the charcoal stick otherwise will be shown.

Price – £3.50 for each child per session

Facility of hand sanitizer afterwards

Mask wearing – it is entirely up to individual child if they want to wear a mask in the open space of the band stand .

The Art session will commence at 10.30am on the Saturday 30th October at the band stand, it is anticipated will be at 11.15am, 12.00pm, 1.30pm(more sessions will be added if there is high demand)

Booking and payment – at the bandstand, first come first serve, otherwise they will have to wait for the next session as indicated.