Course: Plants and Humans

The sessions will be teaching room based but will also include tours to different parts of the Gardens and talks from people associated with BBG.

1 Native and naturalised flora and their cultural influence and significance

The first part of the course is designed to consider and evaluate the influence of a range of plant types in literature, history and their associations with folklore.

It will include a selection of plant and tree species. There will be an opportunity for group members to discuss and present on pertinent aspects of these topics.

2 The importance of plant conservation and plant aesthetics

This part of the course will consider the importance of plant conservation from a diverse range of perspectives and levels.

People are invited to present/talk about pertinent aspects of plant conservation that is of particular interest to them as well as debate related aspects of the topic. In addition, this part of the course is designed to incorporate the subjective aspect of plant species appreciation and conservation as well as considering the wider importance of plant conservation.



This course comprises of four, two-hour sessions, run over four consecutive Saturdays.


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Course: Plants and Humans