Rag Rugging Workshop

Have you ever thought about Rag Rugging?

Do you know what Rag Rugging is?

Rag Rugging is a traditional craft which goes back to the early victorian era and beyond. Rag rugs were made out of necessity years back but is now an art form and we become textile designers by rag rugging these days.  Years ago a new rag rug would be made for Christmas, it may be put on the bed as extra warmth originally and then moved down to in front of the fire. The old one would eventually end up on the compost heap because in those days it would be made from natural fibres, which obviously isn’t the case now as we use a lot of man-made fibres.

These days Rag Rugging has become a form of decoration and can be made into wall hangings, cushion covers, seat pads or table decorations, to name but a few, and so with Easter approaching we are running a workshop to make a Rag Rug Easter wreath, for decoration at this festive time.

The workshop will run on Wednesday 12 April at 10.30 to 1.30.  All tools/equipment will be provided to enable you to take home a completed Rag Rug Easter Wreath, ready to hang for the Easter celebration. Refreshments will also be provided.


This event is fully booked.