Guide Map

This is an interactive guide map. Place your cursor over an area in the map and the name
of the area is displayed.

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Main Lawn American Bank Cameron Path Rhododendron Walk Bog Garden Nursery - not open to the public Scarecrows' Garden Azalea Walk Growing Schools Garden Trials Garden Butterfly Garden Bamboo Maze Grass Garden Fern Garden Woodland Walk Hydrangea Bed Sensory Garden Lawn Aviary Rose Garden Dogwood beds Acer Beds Bus Stop Border Rock Garden and Pool Fountain Winter Garden West Lawn Herb Garden Childrens' Playground Teulon Cottage Cottage Garden Herbaceous Border Wetlands Habitat Discovery Garden Pinetum Historic Gardens Study Centre Shrub Rose Garden Alpine Yard Loudon Terrace Terrace Aviary Arid House Gazebo Mediterranean House Palm Lounge Terrace Suite Rear Car Park Bandstand Pavilion Tea Room Loudon Suite National Bonsai Collection Japanese Garden Sub-Tropical House Garden Suite Reception Tropical House Main Entrance Shop at the Garden Plant Sales Gallery Toilets Front Car Park