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A fitting memorial for you loved one

The Memory Garden is an area within the Birmingham Botanical Gardens which has been set aside and specially landscaped, with a water feature, to celebrate the memory of the people we love.

In the Memory Garden you can hear children playing and the sound of water. There are sheltered places to sit and peacefully reflect.

Sponsors can create text and photographs which will be lodged on the site’s database indefinitely. The database can be searched by entering the last name of the person to be remembered.

The Memory Garden will be designed as an alternative to more sombre arrangements in graveyards or a crematorium. It will not be an option that will suit everyone. It will not be a sombre memorial. It will be a celebration of life – where children play and where plants grow.


commemoration OF YOUR LOVED ONE

Those sponsoring the Memory Garden will by their donations help the Birmingham Botanical Gardens to survive and flourish for future generations. The arrangements can reflect the choices and requirements of sponsors. Some sponsors may simply wish to have an entry in the website database and no enduring physical commemoration.



The Gardens will offer the opportunity, if required, to receive ashes after cremation, delivered by the funeral providers to the gardeners in a formal and dignified way by appointment – professional to professional. Again with dignity, the gardeners will store those ashes for mixing with the top soil in the Gardens rather than scattering in a particular area. There will be a sense of place to return to with public access and access for all family members – the Memory Garden in particular but also all of the Gardens – for as long as the Birmingham Botanical Gardens exist.

Memorial Plaques

Simple, small memorial plaques with names and dates can be created to be lodged within the Memory Garden.

Memorial Sponsorship Database

This database will be maintained by the Gardens, with a link on the main Gardens website. It will be searchable under the last name of the person to be remembered. Within that database could be logged simple background information or, for example, photographs; the order of their funeral service or text generated by the family. The inscription on the memorial token will be the name of the person to be remembered with dates. The tokens will be made of natural materials and of modest size and consistent for all sponsors. The Gardens will nominate approved contractors for making and inscribing the plaques. The plaques will be guaranteed for five years against damage.

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Memorial sponsorship costs a minimum of £1000 and could include all or any of the following, as required by you:

  • The acceptance of ashes and scattering of them within the Gardens with dignity
  • Acknowledgement of the sponsorship on the Memorial Sponsorship database and in the Friends Newsletter
  • A modest plaque lodged within the Memory Garden
  • A three year family membership

The Gardens would of course welcome larger donations or additional sponsorship of trees or shrubs within the Memory Garden or in the Gardens generally. Please feel free to raise any issues for discussion.
This project is to raise funds for the Botanical Gardens to thrive for future generations. This is not a commercial initiative.



If you would like to discuss your things further then please contact us:

The Memory Garden
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Westbourne Road
B15 3TR

email admin@birmingham

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