Thunbergia mysorensis

Plant of the month: February

Thunbergia mysorensis

Also Known As: Rhubarb and custard climber

Native To: Tropical India (Nilgiri Hills)

Blooms: Winter to spring. Foliage evergreen

Habitat: Wild species is found in open woodland or on stony, hilly, arid land.

Where Found At Birmingham Botanical Gardens: Tropical House


Related to Acanthus, this beautiful evergreen climber is found in Tropical India and has flowers burgundy- red and yellow in colour. The gardeners at B.B.G&G have given it the nickname of the Rhubarb & Custard vine because of its colours. The pendulous flowers hang on thin, almost hair- like threads. Sunbirds are attracted to its nectar for a drink and pollinate it in the process. This can be found in flower now in our Tropical House.