Animal Keeper

Role Title  Animal Keeper (Birds, Fish, Herptiles and Invertebrates)
Team  Maintenance
Reports to  Maintenance Manager
Date Issued/Revised  06/05/2022


Birmingham Botanical Gardens is an independent educational charity aiming  to offer world class environmental education in a green environment to  audiences in all sectors of the community.


Reporting to the Maintenance Manager, as Animal Keeper you will take a  hands-on approach to delivering a high standard of care to the fish, birds,  herptile and invertebrates. Specific duties will include but will not be limited to:


  1. Reviewing diets and ensuring the correct diets are prepared and  distributed
  2. Leading and supervising introductions of new animals into social  groups
  3. Monitoring breeding, hatching and incubation if required
  4. Liaising with the vet to ensure optimal health of all animals 5. Checking and ensuring enclosure structure security, reporting any  concerns immediately
  5. Engaging with visitors and responding to enquiries
  6. Animal enrichment to ensure animals are engaged


  1. Cleaning and maintaining the animal enclosures ensuring they are up to  high standards
  2. Manage paperwork to ensure regulations are kept up to date  3. Assisting with maintaining enclosures and public viewing areas 4. Ability to work effectively in a team and without supervision, with a  flexible approach to duties and working hours
  3. Maintenance of the fish filtration system


Working under the direction and/or supervision of Maintenance Manager


Outdoor gardens involving lifting, weekends


Area  Essential  Desirable
Knowledge – Ability to adapt to


– An interest in the

Garden’s work and


– Good IT literacy with

working knowledge of

Microsoft Office


Experience  -Previous work with Animals – Qualification in animal  husbandry
Skills – Excellent communication  and interpersonal skills

-A passion for animals

-A passion for animals

– Suitable level of physical  fitness for required tasks such  as daily manual handling


Hours 35.5 per week £18,275 per annum

How to apply

To apply for this role, please send your CV and covering letter to