Blog: The Perks of January Christmas Parties

From hair dressing to hospitality, many industries find that the run up to the 25th is peak season. Despite Christmas being a busy time for work, it is great to take time for celebrating the end of a year, and the beginning of a new one. If you are struggling to pencil in a date before the big day, why not hold one afterwards?

Check out our four reasons on why January staff Christmas parties are a great idea…


Beat the January blues

The post-Christmas slump is something that many people feel once the decorations are down. It’s often cold, money is tight and the festivities are over for another year. Why not break this sorry tradition by adding some celebration into the month.

Hosting your party in January extends the festivities, which is great news for Christmas fans. Alternatively, if you’ve had enough of all things festive, booking a party in the new year means it can have less of a festive focus, as many restaurants will have taken turkey off the menu by mid-January. Either way, planning a new year party gives staff a chance to let their hair down after the busy business period.


Easy Organization

The run up to Christmas is busy not only at work, but personally too. Staff will be visiting family or cramming in last minute present shopping on the weekends. By hosting a party in January, when calendars will have quietened down, staff can truly enjoy their evening and it will avoid clashing with other festive arrangements, allowing for a great turn out.


Save money

As January festive parties are less common, restaurants and event venues experience a quiet month, meaning you may be able to book a great location with an out-of-season price or deal for your event. In addition, your venue of choice will not be as busy at this time.


Celebrate the year ahead

Get your new year off to a positive start by enjoying the company of your friends and colleagues. Raising your glass to the new business year will lift people’s spirits, and motivate them in their work now that Christmas is over. It’s also a great opportunity to allow staff to get to know each other on a more personal level, contributing to creating a stronger team.


The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are hosting great Christmas parties throughout January. Don’t miss out on celebrating with work friends and colleagues, and celebrate the new year at one of our shared or exclusive party nights.

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