American Bank

East of the Wilson Walk is the American Bank. This has two distinct characters.

Between the fountain and the flight of stone steps a large Sequoia gigantea (giant redwood) is underplanted with a collection of acers which look good in spring as the new foliage emerges through drifts of bulbs and in winter when their colourful bark attracts attention. Their true glory is the Fall of course, when the wonderful autumn colour is the highlight of the garden.

South of the stone steps the grassed area of the American bank contains trees and shrubs mainly from North America including a spectacular Liquidambar styraciflua (sweet gum) and a large specimen of Quercus rubra the American red oak. Summer flowering shrubs cover the lower slope include dogwoods, Halesia Carolina, Aesculus parviflora and Eucryphia glutinosa.

The bank offers a view out of the garden over leafy Edgbaston beyond.