Comments and Complaints

We aim to please

We are committed to offering our members and visitors an excellent service and experience. To this end, we are always happy to receive comments, feedback and suggestions and to use them to improve our offer to you. Details of how to get in touch are shown under the contact us heading.


If you feel The Birmingham Botanical Gardens have fallen short of your expectations, we will:

  • Treat complaints seriously
  • Resolve them promptly
  • Learn from them and take steps to improve our service
  • Ensure that complaints are treated in confidence

What to do if you have a complaint

Where possible, please advise us of any complaint or suggestion straight away. We hope our staff may then be able to resolve matters quickly and effectively and minimise any dissatisfaction.

If your complaint cannot be raised at the time, please contact us in one of the following ways:

Call us : 0121 454 1860
Email us :
What we will do:

If appropriate, a telephone complaint will be dealt with then and there. If not, you will be advised of how we intend to deal with the matter and the timescale for response, which should normally be within 10 days.

Complaints in writing, by email or post will normally be acknowledged within 5 days and responded to within 10 days.

If any matter requires further review beyond 10 days, we will explain why and give you revised deadlines.
If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction?

If you are not happy with our response, you can contact the Chief Executive, Sara Blair-Manning, in writing, at the following address:

Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Westbourne Road,
West Midlands
B15 3TR