Japanese Garden and National Bonsai Collection

Japanese Garden Birmingham

The Garden is described as a Courtyard Garden or ‘tsubo-niwa’ (garden between buildings) and was built with the help of members of the Japanese Garden Society. It contains elements of several styles, whilst also recognising that the garden is an important route between buildings to the National Bonsai Collection housed in its own courtyard.

The Japanese Garden is a place for relaxation and contemplation. Plants are chosen for shape and texture and as an aid to peace and serenity, A bubbling boulder represents a volcano, raked gravel the sea. The space can also be viewed through a large moon window from the Tropical House.

Bonsai Trees Birmingham

The bonsai tree is a traditional Japanese art form of growing miniature trees that mimic nature and the full size version od the tree. They tend to require a lot of care in comparison to normal trees and plants. The word “bonsai” comes from the Japanese word “bonzai” which means “planted in a container.”

The first bonsai tree is thought to have been created over 2,000 years ago by Chinese monks. These monks wanted to live in harmony with nature, so they used a pot to create miniature trees that had the same characteristics as their large counterparts.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens is proud to house multiple bonsai trees within our Japanese garden.

National Bonsai Collection

This fine display of hardy bonsai trees opened in April 1993, and is a joint venture between the Botanical Gardens and the Friends of the National Bonsai Collection (FNBC).

Japanese GardenOur secure courtyard houses a display of about 25 bonsai trees of various styles, loaned to the collection by the members of the FNBC on a rotating basis. By this system, many of the outstanding bonsai specimens in the country may be seen from time to time.

Fundamental cultural procedures are undertaken by bonsai experts on a regular basis. Notices explain the various recognised tree styles and provide instruction to beginners who may be attracted to take up the art.

See Events for dates of demonstrations.

Wildlife, Japanese Garden MapPlease note opening hours.  Summer:  April-Sept 10am-4pm, Winter: October-March 10am-3pm.

To protect these rare plants from freezing damage to the roots the exhibition will be closed during prolonged periods of frosty weather.