Seasonal Walks at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Outdoor walks in the  Gardens

Being a botanical garden, we offer a great space just outside the centre of Birmingham where you can enjoy nature in its true form. With a wide range of plants, trees, flowers and more, check out some of our recommended walks around the gardens below, depending on the time of year.

Seasonal walks in the gardens

Each walk is designed to visit areas of the garden which look particularly good that month and offer a suggested route to visit most of the ‘Plants of the Month’. The routes stick to major disabled-friendly paths but remember to explore off the route for other hidden gems.

Spring Walks at the Bontanical Gardens

Spring walk: 1

Sprint walk: 2

Summer Walks at the Bontanical Gardens

Summer walk: 1

Summer walk: 2

Autumn Walks at the Bontanical Gardens

Autumn walk: 1

Autumn walk: 2

Autumn walk: 3

Winter Walks at the Bontanical Gardens

Winter walk: 1

Nature walks in Birmingham

A walk is a great way to spend time with the family. It provides a good opportunity for bonding and can be an enjoyable experience for all. At the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, our guests are welcome to take advantage of our seasonal walks all year round, taking in the great outdoors and enjoying the surrounding nature.

Our gardens have great walks for each season, from summer walks to winter walks and everything in between. Enjoy our botanical gardens blossom in Spring where you can also visit our Butterfly House. If you prefer to take in the beautiful colours of changing leaves as we move into Autumn, there are walks for this too!

Check out the list above to find the best walk for you!