Anemone blanda (Greek wind flower)

Plant of the month: January

Anemone blanda (Greek windflower)
Anemone blanda (Greek wind flower) Anemone blanda (Greek wind flower)

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Cultivated for the large daisy-like flowers, with petals arranged around a golden centre and dainty dark green foliage.  The flowers come in a variety of colours, (blue, white and pink) blue being the best for vibrancy and vigour.  This plant is by no means bland the blanda in the latin name means pleasing or charming, and it certainly is.  It’s native to South East Europe and Turkey where is grows in rocky meadows and woodland.  In the right conditions it can quickly form large clumps, which give an attractive carpeting floral effect making it great en masse.  Ideal for rock or woodland planting schemes.  In well drained moist soil, they do not like to be damp.  Plant in full sun or dappled shade, tubers will benefit from baking in the summer sun to encourage flowering in the spring.  An annual dressing of leaf mould will help retain moisture and provoke self seeding.