Cascade Chrysanthemums

Plant of the month: November


A special type of chrysanthemum cultivars, chosen for their long, lax habit, with finely cut foliage and small but profuse flowerheads.  BBGG obtained them as cuttings from RHS Wisley, where they would originally have come from Japan.  We propagate from stock plants kept in the nursery in February, where they are potted on several times until they reach a 25cm (10”) pot and grown under a cool greenhouse.  They are put outside from early June when frosts have finished until October, when they are put back into a cool greenhouse until colour shows on the flower buds.  Whilst outside they are trained along bamboo canes to create the cascade.  The colourful floral cascades can be seen in the front entrance and in the lawn aviary.  In China and Japan these same plants are used to make elaborate floral sculptures as the plants are trained over large wire formers in squares and public parks.