Children’s Playground

Our recently updated Children’s playground is always a great favourite with our younger visitors.

Let your children discover our totem pole, carved by master craftsmen and based on traditional North American designs; it represents the cycle of life.

We have fantastic array equipment ready to be explored at the Gardens.

Playground includes:

Climbing Structure:
Big timbers for children to climb along with a triangle net.

climbing structures

Jumping Discs:
Springy discs where children jump from one to another
Balance Blocks – wobbly walkway

Children's Playground

TreeTops consisting of:
7m high pyramid tower, with a 3m high tunnel slide with a rope bridge (3m long) linking to a Big Hexagonal Platform which includes a 3m high slides with wave.

Children's Playground

House Group:
3 houses with a walkway between them – ideal for role play and younger children
Cradle Nest Swing – a big basket suitable for any age/ability (with supervision of course), children can lay in the basket and sway or for the more adventurous they can swing high.

Children's Playground

Toddler Twin Swing

Children's Playground

Sand Pit area consisting of:
Small Building Site, Turning Crane – children being able to manoeuvre play sand around the sandpit, working together Twin Swing.

Children's Playground

Coming in 2020
Fish Platform Waterplay