Crocus ‘Prins Claus’

Plant of the month: January

crocus prins claus
Crocus 'Prins Claus' Crocus 'Prins Claus'
Rock garden

This is a stunning, little snow crocus! It is quite uniquely coloured. Each of its petals is white on the inside and also on the top outer portion, but the most of the outside is striped with deep purple blotches. Because of its small stature, Crocus ‘Prins Claus’ is ideal for rock gardens. It also looks lovely naturalised in grass returning year after year and the plants multiply, spreading naturally over time. It may also be forced in pots for winter bloom. Crocus corms should be planted 5 cm deep and 5 cm apart in late autumn and most will begin to flower sometime in mid-spring. Just remember that they prefer their soil damper in the spring and autumn, but dry and warm during the summer. Given these conditions they are relatively trouble free – but the mice do love a nice tasty crocus corm!