Dahlia ‘Kenora Sunset’

Plant of the month: September

Dahlia 'Kenora Sunset'

The first Dahlia came to the Botanic gardens of Madrid from Mexico, over two hundred years ago and proved to be so popular that there are now over twenty thousand varieties of Dahlia!

Dahlia ‘Kenora Sunset’ produce large flower heads up to 17cm across, the florets are bright lemon-yellow at the base becoming bright red at the apex and is a definite show stopper in any border. It can reach heights of up to 1.5m. Dahlias like full sun and fertile moist well drained soil, ranging from acid to alkaline. Deadhead as the flowers fade to prolong flowering. To overwinter cut down the stems after the first frost and then lift and store the tubers in a frost free dark spot to brighten the coming summer.