A School Visits Us

We were delighted to welcome Bilston Church of England Primary School to the Gardens and would like to thank them for taking part in the making of the short film below.  Please click on the image to see the film.

Here are some photos to show you how Bilston Church of England Primary School structured their day, to give other educational groups some ideas on options available. There are many other options available for activities to do on the day and groups should contact the Gardens’ Education Team for more information.

Telephone icon 0121 450 5093

challengeWe start off our day with a Rainforest Challenge teaching session. We have to follow clues in small teams to find out some information about rainforest plants growing here.






touching leaves

We have to look closely at the plant labels to help us to find the right plants.







thumbs up

It’s great fun being a rainforest detective!






Back in the classroom, we investigate some strange plant products and smelly seeds as we discover the answers to the challenge!









After lunch, our teacher takes us outside to explore the beautiful grounds.









We visit the bird collection. Some are from Tropical Rainforests which is the topic that we are studying at school.








We head up on to Tree Lookout to view the surroundings.







fountainThe fountain is very old and very beautiful.







Because we’ve been so good, our teacher takes us to play on the playground!  There are lots of things to play on, including the amazing new Treetops Adventure.







Afterwards, we take a look at the Mediterranean House which has lemons growing there as big as our heads called citrons!








Hmmmm…not sure I would be able to put my finger here if this bird was real!







We finish our day by visiting the strange Arid House, where many cacti and other interesting plants grow. We can see how different they are when compared with the tropical plants that we studied this morning.