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Musical Rainstorm, Tree-mendous Trees, Cryptic Orienteering and Ecological Sampling Activity Packs are available to hire for use in your self-guided time. Each is suitable for use with KS1 children upwards, and though primarily associated with Science, Geography and/or Music, they can also link to the English, Maths, History and Art curricula as well.

Each exciting, educational Activity Pack contains comprehensive instructions and all of the equipment required, for only £25 per group of 30 children. (Activity Packs can be reserved on your booking form.)

The Cryptic Orienteering Activity Pack is designed as a challenge. Locate marker posts around the Gardens, using maps and compasses, and then locate information about each area of the Gardens arrived at. Certificates are included, if desired. (Outdoor Pack)

The Ecological Sampling Activity Pack contains equipment to be able to quantify plants at the Gardens (to investigate biodiversity) and judge how abiotic factors may have affected findings. (Outdoor Pack)

The Musical Rainstorm Activity Pack contains unusual plant-based instruments from around the world (and information about them). There are also some activities that can be conducted with them, though they can be used as desired. (Indoor Pack)

The Tree-mendous Trees Activity Pack contains equipment to be able to identify and complete various measurements of trees around the Gardens, and a tree trail around the Main Lawn. (Outdoor Pack)


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