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Investigating Plants and Environments

Investigating Map Skills

KS3 & 4 Geography Fieldwork Pack

The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden Answers



KS1 Maths Trail  KS1 Maths Trail Answers

KS2 Maths Trail  KS2 Maths Trail Answers

KS3 Maths Trail  KS3 Maths Trail Answers

Butterfly Maths

Gardens’ Trails and Activities

General Gardening Trail

Animal Trail

Nature Trail

Sensory Nature Trail

Senses Trail

Gardens’ Short Walk Trail

Gardens’ Long Walk Trail

Food Trail

Main Lawn Tree Trail

Gardens’ Postcard

Growing Schools Garden Quiz 

Scavenger Hunt

No Waste Challenge

No Waste – Schools’ Lunch Challenge

Education for Sustainable Development

ESD Pack

Fairtrade Challenge

Fairtrade Challenge Answers


Growth Pack

Botany Pack

Desert Pack


KS2 Poetry Trail

KS2 Poetry Trail Answers

KS3 Poetry Trail

Butterfly Word Puzzles


Art Activities

Glasshouse Activities

Glasshouse Quiz

Glasshouse Quiz Answers

Rainforest Adaptations

Rainforest Food and Drink

Rainforest Medicine

Rainforest Plant Products

Barnaby Bear Pack

Leaf Cards

Post-visit Activities

Acrostic Poem

Description Sheet