Plan Your Visit

Sample Itinerary

1 Group of 30 Children

This is provided as a suggestion of how your visit could be structured and how long activities may take, but please feel free to modify to suit your particular wants and needs.

10am – arrival and toilet stop

10.15am – Teaching Session

11.15am – experience the 4 climatic-themed Glasshouses, seeing highlights such as; cocoa and rubber trees, bananas and citrus fruits, carnivorous plants, cacti, climatic-adaptations like epiphytes and drip-tips, and of course, the giant fish pond. (Free supporting resources available)

12.15pm – lunch and toilet stop

12.45pm – explore the outside Gardens, seeing highlights such as; the Japanese and Rock Gardens, exotic bird aviaries and free-roaming peacocks, and giant trees, colourful flowers and amazing plants from every corner of the world. (Free supporting resources available)

1.45pm – enjoy the Treetops Adventure playground and visit the Gift Shop

2.30pm – toilet stop and departure

2.30pm has been suggested as a departure time, as many groups like to return for their normal finishing time, but you are welcome to stay at the Gardens for as long as you want. (The Gardens close between 4pm – 7pm depending on the time of year.)