Teacher & Pupil Comments

Teachers’ Comments 2014

Developed understanding of rainforest plants and animals. Enhanced knowledge of rainforest products for everyday life.
Extension of existing knowledge, hands on experience really useful.
Learnt which plants grew where. Great classroom session about how and why plants grow.
Greater understanding of pollination – excellent role play activities.
Greater understanding of rainforest plants and their by-products.
Students were able to relate classroom learning to a real environment.
Great enthusiasm developed for the topic and new found wonder of nature.
Excellent hands on experience for the children, the session really helped to put our rainforest topic into context for our pupils.
Friendly, approachable, patient and knowledgeable staff.
We enjoyed exploring the rainforests room, the children enjoyed the teaching session and looking at different seeds.
The students showed such a keen interest in what was being told to them. This was refreshing and enjoyable to see.

 Pupils’ Comments

“The peacock is awesome.” (Year 5)

“I loved it here! I hope you never close!” (Year 4)

“It was super duper!” (Year 3)

“Very fun!” (Year 3)

“My experience at the Botanical Gardens was awesome!” (Year 10)

“I would definitely come back but no school and teachers, just friends. It was totally epic.” (Year 10)

“This was the best day of my life.” (Year 3)

“My experience here was fun, the staff were very cheerful and I enjoyed being around them.” (Year 10)

“It was wicked!” (Year 3)

“Can we stay here every single day?” (Year 4)

“I think your service is very good. P.S. thank you for having us.” (Year 4)

“Thank you for the amazing trip, I will come back.” (Year 4)

“It was very good, I want to come again. Lots of rare plants – I learnt loads!”  (Year 4)