Recent additions to the Library

BYFIELD, A. Important plant areas in Turkey. 502.7

WARD, F. Frank Kingdon Ward’s riddle of the Tsango Gorges. 910 (515)

GOLDBLATT, Peter. Gladiolus in Southern Africa. 930 GLA (68)

GOLDBLATT, Peter. The moraeas of South Africa. 930 MOR (68)

KORNER, Christian. Alpine plant life. 581.5 (23.03)

GOULIMIS, C. N. Wild flowers of Greece. 581.9 (495)

PERSSON, Karen. Hyacinthella schur (Hyacinthaceae) in the Balkan countries. 930 HYA (495)

CHRISTENHUSZ, Maarten, J. M. Plants of the world. 570.061

DANIEL, Christopher St. J. H. Sundials. 968.78

FISHER, Adrian. Mazes. 968.77

FOSTER, A. M. Bee boles and bee houses. 638.1