Recent additions to the Library

NOLD, R. Columbines: aquilegia, paraquilegia and semiaquilegia. 930 AQU

DELPIERRE, Georges R. The winter-growing gladioli of South Africa. 930 GLA (68)

MATHEW, Brian F. Growing bulbs: the complete practical guide. 944

JAYNES, Richard A. Kalmia: mountain laurel and related species. 930 KAL

CASE, Frederick W. Orchids of the Western Lakes region. 930 ORC (7K)

LANCASTER, Roy. Plant hunting in Nepal. 910 (541.35)

HARDING, Alice. The peony. 930 PEO

NORTON, Sylvia. Lathyrus: cousins of the sweet pea. 930 LAT

JONES, James L. Lychnis and silene in the garden. 930 LYC

GREY-WILSON, Christopher. The smaller daphnes. 930 DAP

SCHACHT, Wilhelm. Rock gardens. 967.2