Recent additions to the Library

McLEWIN, Will and CHEN, Dezhong. Peony rockii and Gansu Mudan. 930 PEO

WELLS, James S. Modern miniature daffodils: species and hybrids. 930 NAR

RASETT, Franco. [Alpine plants]. 581.9 (450)

LAWTON, Barbara Perry. Mints: a family of herbs and ornamentals. 635.7

HORNY, Radvan and others. Porophyllum saxifrages. 930 SAX

LILLEY, S. E. Ericaceous and peat loving plants. 955.5

KRUCKEBERG, Arthur R. Gardening with native plants of the Pacific North West. 950 (79)

McALLISTER, Hugh A. The rowan and its relatives. 930 SOR

MARCHANT, Angela and MATHEW, Brian. An alphabetical table and cultivation guide to the species of the genus Iris. 930 IRI

BACON, Lionel. Mountain flower holidays in Europe. 967.2 (4)

DENO, Norman C. Seed germination theory and practice. 631.531