Recent additions to the Library

BALDWIN, Harry.  The Red List of Northofagus.  502.7

DAWSON, R. B.   Lawns.  967.1

The economic impact of ornamental horticulture and landscaping in the UK: report. . .  635.9

HOGG, Robert.  The fruit manual.  634.1

The Plantsman handbook 2019.  058

BLACKMORE, Stephen.  Plant conservation science and practice.  502.7

STEARN, William Thomas.  Stearn’s dictionary of plant names for gardeners.  570.061

PAVORD, Anna.  Hidcote Manor garden.  058

SCHULTZ, Bernd.  Identification of trees and shrubs in winter using buds and twigs.  977.1

BLACKMORE, Stephen.  How plants work.  581

STACE, Clive.  New flora of the British Isles.  581.9 (41)