Recent additions to the Library

JEPPE, Barbara. Spring and winterflowering bulbs of the Cape. 581.9 (687)

STRID, Arne. Wild flowers of Mount Olympus. 581.9 (234.425.1)

SMITH, Paul. The book of seeds. 631.531

COWLING, Richard. Fynbos: South Africa’s unique floral kingdom. 581.9 (68)

De PLESSIS, Neil M. Bulbous plants of Southern Africa.   581.9 (68)

LEACH, William. Plant ecology. 581.5

DARWIN, Charles. The voyage of the Beagle. 910

NICOL-BROWN, Dianne. Polemonium. 930 POL

INGRAM, Timothy. Umbellifers. 930 UMB

HEWITTE, Jennifer. Pulmonarias. 930 PUL

HALL, Alfred Daniel. The genus Tulipa. 930 TUL

COWAN, John Macqueen. The journeys and plant introductions of George Forrest V.M.H. 910