Recent additions to the Library

HARDY PLANT SOCIETY. Hardy geraniums for the garden.  930 GER

BRITISH CROP PRODUCTION COUNCIL. The UK pesticide guide 2020.  632.951

ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. Award of Garden Merit plants.  058

NATIONAL SWEET PEA SOCIETY. How to grow sweet peas.  930 LEG

SOUTH AFRICAN EMBASSY. Director of Information. South Africa’s floral heritage.  581.9 (68)

PESCHEL, Beatrice. Hints on growing wild flowers.  581.9 (68)

POTTER, J. M. S. Fruit from the garden.  634

SPORNE, K. R. The morphology of gymnosperms.  582.42

SPORNE, K. R. The morphology of pteridophytes.  975.32

CULLEN, James. Revision of Phododendron I.  930 RHO

CHAMBEERLAIN, D. F. Revision of Rhodendron II.  930 RHO

CHADWELL, C. A. Report of the Kashmir Botanical Expedition, 1983.  910

REES, A. R. Ornamental bulbs, corms and tubers.  944