Recent additions to the Library

MATHEW, Brian.. Hellebores. 930 HEL

MATHEW, Brian. The crocus: a revision of the genus Crocus. 930 CRO

JEFFERSON-BROWN, Michael and PRATT, Kevin. The gardener’s guide to growing fritillaries. 930 FRI

De VOS, Miriam P. The genus Romulea. 930 ROM

HALDA, Josef J. The genus Paeonia. 930 PEO

JEFFERSON-BROWN, M. J. Ramblers, scramblers and twiners. 974

SMITH, Muriel W. G. National apple register of the United Kingdom. 634 (410)

BOCHANTSEVA, Z. P. Tulips: taxonomy, morphology, cytology, phytogeography and physiology. 930 TUL

MARSHAL, Alexander. Mr Marshal’s flower album: from the Royal Library at Windsor Castle. 700.043

DYKES, William Rickatson. The genus Iris. 930 IRI