Flatpack Festival: Carrie (18)

If you’ve got a taste for terror… Take Carrie to the prom. 🪩

Upping the stakes after last year’s sell-out Little Shop of Horrors screening, we’ve partnered with Flatpack to bring the frights back to The Gardens for an unforgettable viewing of horror classic, Carrie (1976).

Based on Stephen King’s debut novel (and still as scary as it was nearly 50 years ago), Carrie is the outcast who gets pushed one step too far by her bullying classmates, maniacal mom and the magnificently chinned John Travolta. But beware, when it comes to teenage telekinetic terrors, actions have consequences.

Join us in the Gardens ballroom before the screening for drinks and high school hijinx (prom dress optional), then set out your blanket or camping chairs in the beautiful-by-day, eerie-by-night surroundings of Botanical Gardens.

Oh – and do stay safe on your walk back to the car, won’t you.

Date: 17 May 2024
Time:  Doors open at 7:30pm – screening starts at 9pm
Film duration: 98 mins
This film is suitable for ages 18+
Content warnings: Blood, Death or dying, Scenes of a Distressing Nature.

Click here to book tickets via Flatpack’s website.  

Flatpack Festival: Carrie (18)