Flatpack Festival: Little Shop of Horrors!

Some outdoor screenings just seem like tempting fate, don’t they?

On the sensible scale, just one notch down from showing Jaws on a giant screen in the sea, is showing Little Shop of Horrors at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

We are thrilled to be teaming up with Flatpack Festival for the first time to bring you this cult classic.

However, not only do you get to experience this horticultural horror comedy classic on the big screen in the most beautiful of sensory settings, but you’ll also be treated to the musical stylings of Midnight City Soul Band performing beforehand with some food, drink and traditional Flatpack surprises thrown in for good measure.

Rumour also has it that there is a pretty significant carnivorous plant collection in residence at the Gardens. Our advice? Don’t feed them, Seymour

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This is an outdoor event.

Tickets are controlled and sold through Flatpack Festival.

Please bring your own camping chairs/blankets to sit on the lawn.

Tickets from £12