Mughal Minatures – Rehearsal

The characters literally break free of the constraints placed on them by the pictorial frames they are positioned in, and society’s stereotypes.

We are delighted to be working with the Sonia Sabri Company and offering them a rehearsal space for their new piece ‘Mughal Minatures’.

Mughal Miniatures is a series of linked pop-up, living pictures, evoking scenes of Indian princely courts and the glory of the Mughal period with a contemporary twist, undercutting expectations and delighting and surprising passers-by.

Performers referencing traditional Mughal costume will create vibrant and colourful mini-worlds, inviting audiences to step back in time and join them in regal courts, on romantic balconies, in lush green gardens and in processions of deities.
The scenes each have their own mood, from humorous to tragic, forming a fun-to-explore non-linear narrative. Beautiful and ornate scenes will transform from still pictures into bursts of dance and music, before returning back to well-behaved stills.

This rehearsal is included with entry.

Photo credit – Sonia Sabri Company and Greta Zabulyte.