Geum coccinieum ‘Cooky’

Plant of the month: June

Geum coccinieum ‘Cooky’

Geum coccinieum ‘Cooky’ is a member of the family Rosaceae and can be found in the Grass Garden.

Geum coccineum ‘Cooky has the most brilliant tangerine/orange flowers in profusion, and it flowers over several months from late spring. It forms large clumps, with a basal rosette of hairy pinnately lobed leaves (has the lobes of the leaf arranged on either side of a central axis, like a feather) that are quite hairy, but soft to the feel, and around 20cm long.

Geum coccineum ‘Cooky’ is a moisture loving perennial that will tolerate most soils as long as it receives plenty of sun light. Flowers that have faded should be removed to encourage more flowering, this also stops seed production and the seeds will not run true to type.

All geums are short lived perennials that spread by means of rhizomes, (modified stems that often send out shoots and roots from their nodes), some rhizomes can be subterranean). Geums are crowned with many flowers in bright colours forming loose clusters

As clumps become congested every few years they should be divided, in either spring or autumn, we favour spring as the best time. New plants will be more floriferous (have more flowers).