Hemerocallis ‘Chicago Ruby’

Plant of the month: July

Hemerocallis ‘Chicago Ruby’

Also known as: Daylily

Native to: Man-made cultivar

Blooms: July – August

Habitat: Full sun, moisture retentive soil

Where is it found at BBG: Grass garden /Story of Horticulture garden and Rock Garden


Hemerocallis are more commonly known as the daylily because each flower only lasts one day. It may sound like a luxury to grow such a plant, but they go on producing their flowers for weeks on end. They come in a large range of colours and forms so there is one to fit all tastes. They are currently very fashionable in North America and lots of new cultivars are appearing all the time.


They produce their flowers which are usually around 75cm to 120cm tall, but there are much shorter species and cultivars that are available if you do not have the space for such a large flamboyant specimen. At the Gardens, we have a few cultivars planted around the Rock Garden and the Grass Garden. Hemerocallis ‘Chicago Ruby’ has to be one of the most striking with its large vivid red blooms.


Daylily’s are all hardy clump forming and occasionally rhizomatous perennials which are easy to cultivate in a range of conditions. They can be grown in shade and dry conditions, but this may reduce flowering, so we would recommend a moisture retentive soil in full sun to achieve the best. They look equally at home planted around edge of a pond as a marginal or in the middle of a grand herbaceous border. Wherever they are planted they will ensure a colourful display.