Hosta ‘Francee’

Plant of the month: January


Rock Garden

This Hosta can be found in the Rock Garden.

Hosta ‘Francee’ is a vigorous clump forming perennial producing sturdy heart shaped leaves with irregular white edges. It also produces flowers on arching leafy stems that are lavender-blue in colour. Although most hostas are grown for their leaves, the flowers can be very beautiful and some are fragrant, for example H. ‘Royal Standard’ that can be seen nearby.

Hostas need plentiful supplies of water to grow well, but should not be grown in standing water, they also like partial shade. They are particularly susceptible to slug damage and by the end of summer can look very tatty. But, if you only have a few Hostas to protect there is a biological control that will reduce the slug problem, but it needs applying regularly. They should be divided regularly to keep their vigour.