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Animal Handling (duration: 45 minutes)

Take a look at our exciting and unique animal collection! You will have the opportunity to `get up close` with a range of exotic animals chosen from the following selection: Corn Snake, Panther Chameleon, Gargoyle Gecko, Bearded Dragon, Giant African Land Snail, Poisonous Dart Frogs, Giant Chocolate Millipedes and Stick Insects! Learn about the special adaptations that these creatures have developed and what habitat they live in, through close observation, together with the opportunity to handle them too! (Please see our risk assessment pertaining to this activity on the Resources and Risk Assessments section of our website.) Indoor session.

Rainforest Challenge (duration: 75 minutes)

In small teams (maximum 6 teams per class), your pupils will have fun following the clues hidden in their backpacks to find out the names and information about our key rainforest plants. A plenary ends the session where your pupils will have the opportunity to investigate various rainforest seeds and products from the plants that they have discovered. Can your pupils work out the secret codeword? We recommend bringing plenty of drinking water for this session in the summer months. Indoor & Glasshouse session.

Glasshouse Tour (duration: 1 hour)

Take a trip through our four stunning Glasshouses, from the arid extreme to the vibrant tropical rainforest. Explore ways that our plants have adapted to survive and thrive in different climates and learn exciting facts from our expert guides! We can tailor-make your tour to suit any themes that you want. (Tours are conducted for 15 to 20 pupils at a time due to the size of the Glasshouses.) Glasshouse session.

Natural Art (duration: 1 hour)

This session will encourage your pupils to create natural pieces of artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. We will give you plenty of ideas before venturing out to create your own natural masterpieces in our outdoor ‘gallery’ so don’t forget your camera! Finish the session by making a natural postcard to take home as a memento of your visit to the beautiful gardens. Outdoor session.

Japanese Challenge (duration: 50 minutes)

Learn all about the tradition and history behind the Japanese garden culture in this practical session. First, have your pupils develop their teamwork and communication skills to recreate and translate Japanese characters. Then, hunt for challenge answers whilst exploring our ornate and tranquil Japanese Garden and National Bonsai Collection. 知識は力である! Indoor & Outdoor session.

Cryptic Orienteering (duration: 75 minutes)

Using maps, can your pupils find their way around the Gardens and answer the cryptic questions as they go? This trail challenges your pupils with questions about the site and plant collection, encourages teamwork and enhances their map skills, whilst at the same time ensuring that they get plenty of fresh air and exercise! Outdoor session.


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