Bird Collection

The bird collection is housed in the Lawn Aviary, which comprises four domed flights surrounding a central concourse.  The aviary provides a focal point on the south side of the main lawn.

Three of the flights contain bird collections from a specific geographical area. An extensive flock of Lovebirds provide a colourful display in the African flight. The cheeky and intelligent Quaker Parakeets with their huge communal nest occupy the American flight.

The azure-winged magpies and splendid Temminckís Tragopans live in the Asian flight.

The remaining flight houses a collection of colourful softbills including laughing thrushes, purple glossy and long-tailed glossy starlings, white-cheeked turacos, superb spreo starlings, Himalayan monals and Greater and Lesser Hill Mynah birds.

In the Wetlands area, there is a collection of ornamental waterfowl. On the terrace are the parrots, including Jenny, the sulphur-crested cockatoo and Lionel, the blue macaw.

Please note Lawn Aviary opening hours.  Summer:  April-Sept 10am-4pm, Winter: October-March 10am-3pm.