Bird Collection

The bird collection is housed in the Lawn Aviary, which comprises four domed flights surrounding a central concourse.  The aviary provides a focal point on the south side of the main lawn.

Three of the flights contain bird collections from a specific geographical area. An extensive flock of love birds provide a colourful display in the African flight. The cheeky and intelligent quaker parakeets with their huge communal nest occupy the American flight.

The azure winged magpies and splendid Temminckís Tragopans live in the Asian flight.

The remaining flight houses a collection of colourful softbills including laughing thrushes, purple glossy and long tailed glossy starlings, white cheeked turacos, superb spreo starlings, Himalayan monals and Greater and Lesser Hill Mynah birds.

In the Wetlands area there is a collection of ornamental water fowl. On the terrace are the parrots, including Jenny, the sulphur-crested cockatoo and Lionel, the blue macaw.

Please note Lawn Aviary opening hours.  Summer:  April-Sept 10am-4pm, Winter: October-March 10am-3pm.