Megaskapasma eyrthrochlamys

Plant of the month: November

megaskepasma eyrthrochlamys

Look for this beautiful exotic upright, evergreen shrub with its gorgeous shocking lipstick pink bracts in the subtropical house.  Native to tropical woodland in Venezuela, the brightly coloured leaf bracts have evolved to attract humming birds to pollinate the 2 lipped white tubular flowers.  As well as the showy bracts the leaves of the Megaskepasma look luxurious, being large, glossy and boldly veined.  It is frost tender and in cooler areas should be grown under glass, needing a min temp of 15°C, in full sun, moist soil and high humidity. This plant is a real show stopper, very rare in the UK and a must see when coming to visit the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses.