Narcissus ‘Hawera’

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narcissus hawera


Alpine yard

This beautiful little hybrid narcissus is proof that, at least in the spring garden, biggest is not always best.  The smaller blooms and sturdy low growth habit of ‘Hawera’ enable it to withstand early spring rains and blustery weather more effectively than larger cultivars.  It is a garden hybrid highly rated by the Royal Horticultural Society, which has given it its Award of Garden Merit for gardenworthiness.  Nonetheless it is closely related to a wild species narcissus, N. triandrus, which grows amongst the upland conifer woodland of Central Spain.  N. ‘Hawera’ has inherited its parent’s ability to thrive on dry, rather acid soils, where it will naturalise and increase over the years.  It is also a valuable addition to containers, outdoor windowsill displays and alpine troughs – anywhere where its delicate flowers and pleasant scent can be appreciated more easily.