Bringing Nature to Birmingham’s School Children

Transform the lives of children from deprived areas of Birmingham with inspiring educational visits to Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens are asking you to make a difference to the lives of hundreds of children from some of the most deprived inner-city areas in Britain. By donating today, you will help to provide children with the opportunity to experience the natural world at the Botanical Gardens. We will provide interactive, educational sessions, giving local children the life-changing opportunities they lack, thus, allowing them to live, learn, and develop as every child deserves to.

Bringing Nature to Birmingham's School Children

Currently, we teach groups of school children about the environment, especially its plants and animals, in accordance with their school curricula. However, many schools, particularly those from the most deprived parts of Birmingham, can no longer afford to visit the Botanical Gardens. Therefore, we are raising money to help schools from the poorest areas of Birmingham visit us, thus making it possible for many more children to experience the joys and life changing opportunities we offer.

For more information, or to donate to this important cause or the Gardens in general, please see our dedicated donations page, or e-mail or telephone 0121 454 1860.