Getting ready for the festive season

We’re on the countdown to Christmas – where has this year gone? – which means one exciting new feature in the Gardens from the middle of this month: the Christmas tree!

Like every year, we’ll be taking delivery of a magnificent 15ft tree that will be placed in the car park, ready to greet visitors for the festive season and for the big day.

It will be business as usual, though, inside the Gardens as we have a great deal of work to do to keep the thousands of plants we look after in tip-top condition.

One of the major tasks is to cut down the dahlias now that they have been frosted. We remove the tubers and overwinter them in the nursery so that they can be planted again next year for an autumn display. Like all good gardeners, we like to ensure we can reuse as much as possible – it’s more economical, much more satisfying and environmentally friendly.

November is always one of the best months for beautiful autumn colours, but those leaves from the deciduous trees are falling fast. This means there’s a lot of clearing to be done, too, to ensure paths can be navigated safely and that the lawns stay healthy. A couple of months ago, we took delivery of some new cordless electric leaf blowers. They are quieter, lighter and less polluting than the old petrol ones, which should make light work of the task. Who doesn’t love testing out new tools?

We’ll also be planting the new Alan King Alpine Garden over the winter months, focusing on the two Alpine Houses first. The Alpine House is still closed to the public, but keep an eye out for news about when it will open and for the grand unveiling.

If you visit the Gardens this month, do let us know what you think: we love to get feedback from our visitors. And whatever you plan to do in your garden this month, enjoy it!