How to….Care For Your Lawn

Now is the perfect time to start prepping your lawn, nurturing the bare patches and encouraging new growth. You may think that it is a simple case of throwing some seeds on the damaged area and watering heavily – but you would be very wrong!


Nigel Hopes, head of external areas at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, has some top tips to help rejuvenate your lawn and make you the envy of your street this National Gardening Week.


Caring for Your Lawn Steps

Caring for your lawn takes work, but once you are sitting in your garden this summer, looking proudly over your patch of heaven, you’ll be glad you did.


  • Firstly, take out any weed growth as these will compete with any new grass seedlings as they come up. Make sure you dig over the area with a border fork as some will be quite compacted


  • Then, break up the ground ready for the new seeds. The seeds have to be sown in fine soil, so make sure you keeping digging and turning the soil over until it is perfect


  • If you have a cultivator, use this over the soil to make sure you get it as fine as possible


  • If you have any divots, fill them up with dry topsoil to ensure your lawn is the same level. Once you have filled the hole, use the sole of your shoe and slowly press down to make sure any holes are gone


  • Once all the divots are filled, sprinkle grass seed over the area, before gently raking the seed in


  • Finally, water the area to encourage the seeds to grow and germinate


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