It’s looking a lot like Christmas

The last few days have gone cold – there’s no doubt winter is here, so for the hardy gardening team, it means adding a couple of layers when we are out and about, working.

We’re getting into the festive spirit as much as we can and have put up Christmas trees outside, in the front entrance and in the gallery, as well as other decorations and lights. We hope you enjoy them when you visit the gardens this month and that they bring a smile to your face.


It’s looking a lot like ChristmasIt’s looking a lot like Christmas


If you’re still looking for last-minute gifts, our garden centre has a range of plants and goodies (including our popular calendar) that anyone would love.


Birmingham Botanical Gardens 2021 Calendar


You don’t have to visit the gardens to access the garden centre; just head through the main foyer. Of course, you can always treat your loved ones to membership of the gardens, too.

Although the glasshouses are closed to the public at the moment, the gardening team work in there daily to make sure our extensive plant collection remains in good condition, ready for when visitors can admire the myriad specimens.


You may be surprised to know that we’re still collecting the last of the autumn leaves – it’s a big job and one that takes several weeks to complete. It’s good exercise for us and, of course, we love the rich leaf mould that it will make in a year or so’s time. It’s like ambrosia for the borders.

It’s looking a lot like Christmas


We’ll also be taking delivery of lots of rock salt this month, just in case we have snow or ice in the next few weeks.  It means you can visit us even on the coldest days, knowing that the paths will be clear.


It’s looking a lot like Christmas


The gardens look spectacular 12 months of the year, but we know that photographers love the cold months when they can snap those atmospheric icy shots! If you’ve taken any photos you’re proud of, don’t forget to upload them on to social media and tag us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@bhambotanicalgardens) so we can see them.


All the gardening team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a much happier 2021! We’re looking forward to seeing you all soon.