Looking forward to awesome autumn

As we slowly start to head into autumn, the gardening team will be doing all it can to ensure the last flowers of summer continue to bloom for as long as possible and that the later specimens are ready to make their grand appearance.

If you visit this month, you’ll still be able to enjoy the cacti and succulents on the Terrace. They’re looking splendid this year and the display is impressive – we’ll be tidying up the area, too, so the beds they are planted in look their best.

Looking forward to awesome autumn

Have you seen our roses this year? The Rose Garden is also having a spectacular year, with the flowers continuing to flush – the scent is heady and the colours look beautiful. Deadheading is crucial to keeping roses going, so we’ll be checking the shrubs regularly to make sure we can enjoy as many roses as possible until the end of the month.

The dahlias on the Terrace are also enjoying their warm spot this year. If you visit this month, keep an eye on Dahlia imperialis (the tree dahlia), which is located close to the entrance of the Subtropical House. This stunning species flowers later in the year, so we’re looking forward to the late burst of colour.

Another of our big tasks for September is working on the new Urban Garden. As you may know, we’re transforming the site of a former Hampton Court Flower Show garden into a space that has four distinct areas that will demonstrate what can be achieved in a small space.

Looking forward to awesome autumn

The project is being developed with the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens, which has developed and raised funds for the project, which will also be used for demonstrations and activities.

Our task for this month is to carry on working on the hard and soft landscaping. It’s coming along nicely and we’re looking forward to unveiling it to visitors, once it is completed.

We hope we can see as many of you as possible in the next few weeks – we can’t think of a more beautiful place to come and relax.