How To…Plant Plug Plants

Are you planning to plant some summer bedding plug plants? Watch the video below as Wayne Williams, head of internal areas, shows you how we plant geraniums and other plug plants at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.


We use 1000s of plug plants around the garden, throughout the summer and winter, so we are well versed in making sure the seedlings aren’t damaged as they are transplanted. Follow the tips below and watch as your plants flourishes:


Plant Plug Tips

  • Best way to get plug plants out of their cells is to use a green cane, and push them from the base


  • Now, place them in modules, along with a slow release fertiliser used at the recommended rate. These should last 3 to 4 months


  • Use a dibber (the green cane) to make a hole in the center of the cell, (this will make sure your plant has even root growth) before inserting and firming the plug plant in


  • Once this is done, place them in your greenhouse for 6 weeks before you have to harden them off

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