How to….Prepare Bulbs For Next Year

At this time of year, bulbs in pots are finishing flowering, but what do you do to keep them healthy for next year?


Our very own Nigel Hopes has all the answers and will have your bulbs ready and waiting to burst into flower in spring 2019.


Preparing Bulbs Tips

  • If you‘re flowers are coming to the end of their bloom, give them a high potash feed – this will build the storage bulb up, ready for flowering next spring


  • This is essential as the flowers will produce a much better show the following year


  • We advise doing this every 10-14 days to ensure the bulb is rejuvenated and full of energy


  • Lastly, let the foliage die down naturally. The energy in the leaves will be sucked back into the bulb to make next year’s flowers, so don’t cut it off!


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