Seed Lights Exhibition

Seed Lights Exhibition

Now showing ‘Seed Lights’ by Saranjit Bird.

Seed lights was a sound event with animations, poetry, music and live performance at Winterbourne House and Garden. This exhibition displays video and photographic documentation of the event, drawings and poetry, and painting by artist Saranjit Bird.

Seed Lights was set in winter, admits a cultural and religious festivals celebrating spiritual aspects of light. It was also followed Saranjit’s exhibition The Secret Life of Plants and Poiesis, in 2023. These artworks, inspired by Winterbourne House and Gardens flora and Herbarium collection, were shown as Seed Lights animations, projected at large scale onto the building with music.

Saranjit is a contemporary artist with foundations as an architect, dancer and musician. In this combined art-work he merges separate art disciplines into a synthesised whole. His interests also lies in working with local artists and, though the project, mentoring artists from diverse backgrounds.

The Artists Workshops
The artists workshops were carried out with participants drawn from the respective communities attending The Birmingham Botanical gardens: Ramgarhia Sihk Temple (Birmingham); Friends of Selly oak Park group, and Ariel scouts group, Selly Oak. All participants were asked to reflect on the theme of Flora and Spiritual light. These works are displayed int he exhibition but were also manipulated and collated by the artist for the light projection animation set to music.

The workshop at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens featured participants responding to music generated by plants using cutting edge technology ‘PlantWave’ that was made available to the artist. All participants were offered seed bombs, comprising of wild and bee-attracting flower seeds embedded in clay pellets, to plant.


The exhibition runs from 15th December 2023 – February 2024.

This exhibition is included with general admission to the Gardens.
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